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Could be.....Maybe he's finding the constant recognition and subsequent photos a little tedious as he can't fully relax and if he gets up to anything remotely risque he knows that it will be tweeted/photographed and could get back to his family and friends, plus business people and so on. There must also be so many photos that other folks have taken that aren't put on the internet. Oh, the price of fame! (Of course, he may still be enjoying it.)
Is it a price worth paying, I wonder? Maybe he'll be happier to get back to work than he would have provides the structure he needs (imho, that is )

He looks amazing in that photo - very relaxed and no bags under the eyes

So far this week, there has been lots of tweets about "drinking games" on this trip. Perhaps the late night partying and drinking games don't suit our Louie after all!
You could be right. I hope he is having a good time, but he doesn't look especially relaxed so far. How long is he due to be away? Anyone know?
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