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Whats the link up between this and the tv show?
An example...

Beliaeff provided an example of how the game and the TV show will interact: "In one of the episodes of the show, we have an Indogene doctor who figures out there's this nanite contagion spreading and it could doom the town," Beliaeff said. "So she reaches out to her counterpart in the game in San Francisco and now the players in the game have a series of missions that they can fulfill, getting reagents an trying to help the doctor in San Francisco create the cure. The time pressure on the players is they need to do it before next week's episode airs."

What happens if the players fail? "You should watch the next week's episode and see," Beliaeff laughs. "We have our plans; how this goes forward and how this works, we have it closely choreographed. We feel very confident in our plans and whether you're a fan of the show or the game you're going to be satisfied with the outcome."
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