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Fair enough, you're brave tackling any episode to be fair and we appreciate any of your reviewerage greatly

Is everything he does a passive aggressive attack on his ex-wife? Every little girl goes though a phase of wanting to be a docter, nurse, vet...I spent the whole of November looking for dentist...yes..DENTIST related toys because the 5 year old niece has decided dentists are brilliant (PlayDoh Drill n Fill before you ask).

However, I suspect Pete's motivation for this is the same motivation he always has - bragging about his new, young, shiny, classier, better in every way upgrade who is a far better role model to a kiddie than his mother will ever be...........nerr nerr de nerr nerr you old tramp, I found a better replacement role model for our daughter. (let it go Peter, let it go!). Like I say, no opportunity to look more righteous ever missed.

Be careful Pete. While that might be vocationally true, be very careful about belittling a mother's life to the ears of her baby very careful indeed...
Brilliant post - especially the BIB.

He is just so snidey, so self righteous.
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