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Kimberley was very supportive of Nadine btw.

So whilst she didn't contact her personally, clearly as it was obvious nadine didnt want to be contacted....

,but nadine was to blame in this slightly as she started it and the others then got all 'if you dont call us why should we call u'.
She may have been in the past, but Kimberley's not being that supportive now. Nadine hasn't said that she didn't want to be contacted. How was Nadine to blame? If the girls are blocking her they are making it clear that they don't want to talk to her.

I see Nadine & Kimberley like to tease each other on twitter. I doubt they would be on bad terms if they are like that with each other.
That's nice, but Kimberley is very much part of the Girls Aloud pack.
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