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“On Good Friday the topless model Jordan, aka Katie Price, married again. It is the third or fourth time she has married. This time she has married a part-time stripper who she apparently knew for six weeks before they got engaged.

“It is slightly tricky counting Ms Price’s marriages because each one includes a lot of mini-‘marriages’ – restating of vows, re-marrying, doing it again for the cameras and so on.”

Murray concludes his point by saying: “If the people who object to civil gay marriage really are concerned about the undermining of the sanctity of marriage would they not be better exercised by railing against Willy Wonka themed weddings of celebrities cashing in on magazine deals for the umpteenth time?

Good point?

A very good point.

It's absurd that straight people can get married for the purposes of selling supermarket magazines and on drunken whims, while gay people getting married requires a "national debate", Parliamentary hand-wringing, spiritual schisms and moralising.
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