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What a load of rubbish. How can Katie Price's string of marriages 'demean' anyone else's? If you eat a plate of cold s--t for dinner, have you 'demeaned' dinner for anyone other than yourself? This idea that marriage is a 'sacred institution' is absolutely ridiculous. Divorce is rampant, people can marry for virtually any reason they choose (unless they're gay - don't go getting any of your gay on our precious institution!) wedding vows are meaningless because they can be reneged on with relative ease. Beyond the societal/economic benefits of being recognised as a married couple, the whole thing is basically meaningless anyway. Standing in a church and reciting some bronze age nonsense doesn't imbue your relationship with some kind of magical power or the blessing of some terminally misguided deity who has a personal stake in your love life. It's 2013, can we all please grow up?

And the idea that what some perma-tanned balloon-titted oompa-loompa drag queen hosebag skidmark on the gusset of showbusiness should have any impact on how we regard OUR relationships and society is absolutely insane.
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