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I'll bump this one as to why KB CBE is a very private person. In the early eighties this eccentric academic called Fred Vermorel wrote a very strange biography of the singer- a previous one had to withdrawn as it was libellous- where he hid in the garden of both KB's home and her parental home and even knew the name of her cats. Also he got his hands on her mother's wedding photographs- I'm sure Vermorel must have stolen them as he seemed to behave like a deranged stalker when he wrote that book.
Actually reading online about this character and Kate Bush, he seems very strange, even to the point of dangerous. It's no wonder she kept moving around the South for years and stopped recording and being wary of any approaches from fans unless at a convention.
In 1982-84, I was working as an admin assistant at my local police station in SE London, processing reports of traffic offences. Kate Bush had a house a couple of miles up the road.

One day a report landed on my desk, of a car which had been seen parked up (in Kate's road) with no tax. It was registered to Fred Vermorel, with an address that wasn't local (somewhere in North London I think, but I can't remember). I remember that I recognized the name because my brother was into punk and the Vermorels had written a book about the Sex Pistols, also I think Fred used to write for some of the music papers. I remember thinking "what is Fred Vermorel doing in this neck of the woods?". I didn't connect him with Kate at the time because I thought of him as a "punk" journalist, but in hindsight, it seems that he was probably stalking Kate.
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