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I overestimated the archos lol! some of you were right

The archos is very nice to hold and looks good. Cheap plastic buttons on it though. It was fast although when swiping through the menus, the motions were not butter smooth, fast but not that smooth motion. My main problem was the screen. The colours and brightness looked great but when typing it would only register my taps 8 times out of 10 - not very responsive.

I ordered a Nexus 7 today. Can any of you tell me that the screen is much more responsive? Like my S2 phone, the screen never fails to miss a touch.
Hopefully, andersonsonson, you'll be getting a full refund back for the Archos and I'll wish you all the best in that respect. In a way, it's a shame to hear what it's like because Archos were at the forefront of the introduction of entertainment tablets. I guess their quality control needs to be improved now.
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