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Canda gets exactly the same media as the US it has a homicide by firearm rater per 100, 00 pop" of 0.51 (56th highest), the US has a rate of 2.97 (28th highest). The difference, the US has 88.8 guns per 100 people, Canada has 30.8 per 100 people.

Canada has exactly the same media, but significantly less murders. Media is not the primary factor, infact given the amount of media crossover between the US and Canada I'd be tempted to suggest it's not even a factor.

Figures taken from this article on the Guaurdian website:
My point was really that I would think in the whole debate nothing should be off the table, the effect violent films, games and music have on certain individuals. I would be very interested to know HOW can two teenagers be so desensitised that they can shoot a baby in the face!!! something is very wrong. How people with mental health issues are treated (or NOT) is also a major part of the problem.
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