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My point was really that I would think in the whole debate nothing should be off the table, the effect violent films, games and music have on certain individuals. I would be very interested to know HOW can two teenagers be so desensitised that they can shoot a baby in the face!!! something is very wrong. How people with mental health issues are treated (or NOT) is also a major part of the problem.
My point was that whilst media and glorification of violence was a factor to be considered, the NRA's position that everything is the fault of Hollywood and mental illness is wrong.

Another factor that should be looked at is access to inappropriate material, in the UK content can be banned from distribution or restricted, whereas the constitution prevents that from happening in the US, so anybody can access anything. (Though obviously that might involve some twisting of the constitution, which Americans hate.)

I'd also like to know why, if the NRA blames mental health issues for mass murders, they won't accept gun licenses or mental health checks on people that try to buy firearms. I'd have thought reducing the number of mentally ill people with guns would work in their favour...
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