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I think it is obvious it was planned for months, Cheryl said in her book before the reunion they would have a children in needs single, a greatest hits album and a tour, then that is probably the end for GA. They will have all been aware of that, so they all lied, not just four of them. They maybe felt it was better to have a fun reunion together then split, rather than putting a downer on it by announcing the split at the start, plus if they had they would probably be accused of just trying to make more money out of fans.

The only thing that might have changed near the end is them announcing an official split, but I think it is clear they all knew they would be going their separate ways again after the tour.
exactly, cheryl couldn't have possibly painted a clearer picture in that book and her comments were widely reported in the press. i dare say, those comments were included that in book, because it had already been mutually decided. all the girls would have been clear from the outset what was planned and the timescales would be mapped out in advance. the management and record company would also have known in advance as well, so that they could plan a schedule. even the songwriters and producers would have known they weren't writing an album`s worth of songs, because there wasn't going to be another album.

nadine flew into the uk months previous to the reunion to discuss the reunion plans and it seems inconceivable that the future of the group was not discussed at that stage. now if some fans feel cheated or can't possibly believe that nadine may have been economical with the truth, because it clearly doesn't suit their agenda, then so be it. however, girls aloud`s fate was written in cheryl`s book last year and she wouldn't have put that out there unless the wheels were in motion.
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