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I think people are reading into this to much. I think she didn't want it to end but the others did and majority ruled. She can't be GA on her own and besides Cheryl has been doing her own solo thing for years now which seems to be successful. In addition to this all her lucrative magazine and cosmetic deals, red carpet appearances in Cannes and high profile events, arena tours, having will as her manager making her work with big American producers and writers and the fact her boyfriend is American means she probably doesn't have time to juggle both.

I love all members but I think even Cheryl knows she has gotten to big for the band and for her to crack other markets and become a global name GA will hold her back. I mean when is the last time you seen her do shows like this morning and stuff and I mean actually go into the studio to have an interview, not them coming to her.

With Nadine, I think she has built her life in the states and as talented as she is she probably thinks she will earn more and get further being in GA. They are lucky really that she is willing to split her time between her family in USA and GA.

But I honestly believe time puts those deserving in the right position and hopefully Nadine will get the success she deserves.

It is weird though, you see these girls do different projects and the other members really do work hard to get their name out there through various 'low scale' appearances. Shame they didn't have a footballer and X Factor :P

The solo stuff for Miss/Mrs Cole may take a turn for the worse and I think the split is just a way of coming back for a reunion and making even more money.

Only time will tell..

And like I previously mentioned, with the Nadine tweet I think it was just majority rules and with the whole Nadine V Girls feud blah blah in the press and the hammering she has got by the media and press about baling the break on her, she just wanted to justify herself saying she was happy to go. The girls didn't keep in contact with her though and treated her like shite because she even said in a T4 interview they never text her and number hasn't changed.

You think Kimba or Cheryl would have the decency to call her because they always make out they're good people. And tweeting people and writing about them in your magazine column is not a way of reaching out to someone.

Funny thing is Kimberley and Nadine were best mates in the beginning and were inseparable, they even lived together for a few years.
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