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I think people are reading into this to much.
thats hilarious coming from someone that continues in the same post at great length to speculate all the reasons why cheryl possibly instigated this split. whatever the reason behind cheryl`s solo success, the other girls are very wealthy in their own right and most of them seem happy with their lot. kimberley even recently stated she couldn't cope with cheryl`s level of fame and its seems to me that perhaps cheryl is also struggling with her own fame at the moment, which is why she is taking a break from it all.

the other girls are moving on with whatever they have planned and are continuing a presence on twitter. in contrast, cheryl has stopped posting and has left the country for a break. not the actions in my opinion of someone preparing to take full professional advantage of her new found freedom away from the group.

also, didn't nadine have a famous boyfriend? oh yes, thats right, she had two. its good that her fans continue to believe that somehow she can be a solo success one day and that they also accept that she needs better material to do so.
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