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To Katie Price it clearly does have no value. To you, it has value. My point is that I don't see how the one thing affects the other.
I get your point but most do see a marriage as something with high value, her jumping from man to man imo does devalue it. But then again I did go to a catholic school

In terms of the church and gays they will never be cool with it. Mixed race marriage opinion was rooted in racism and bigotry there was no biblical argument at all. There IS with non heterosexual marriage. The church do have a strong biblical reason why they do not want to allow it to happen. In order for a marriage to be classed as a proper one you have to consumate it. And in order to do that...well you know what has to happen and Leviticus says that's wrong. I'm Christian and LGBT so I kind of don't listen to that. But I see why there is a furore over it. It kind of goes against what they stand for, respect for the Bible in the modern age. It's what it is. Gotta deal with it.
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