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I think she didn't want it to end but the others did and majority ruled. She can't be GA on her own
This is what I think. I don't think she was literally saying she tried to stop them, she just wouldn't have been able to.

I love Nicola's album and I hope she releases another one in the future. I know people keep pointing at Cheryl, but watching that Viva live show - I'd actually say it is Nicola who doesn't seem to quite fit the band anymore.

It may be just me?

Watching the show, it was like she hadn't quite slipped back into the role in the same way as the others. It's not a bad thing, we know she was very insecure before and it's great seeing her so confident, but it was like watching 'solo Nicola' perform GA songs, and it wasn't the same if that makes sense.

Whereas Cheryl is how she always was, winks and all not a strong singer, but absolutely performing her socks off as she always did. Personally I don't think Cheryl will ever be a good solo star, but she's a great girlband star (like Nadine and Sarah), and I don't think that's a bad thing, I genuinely don't.
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