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Why would parents let their kids be Mini Joey Essex clones? And, seriously, who the hell would buy a Joey Essex haircare product? It's the sort of thing you'd buy and then hide inside a porn mag as that's less embarrassing to be seen with
I would rather cover my hair in phlegm and vanish oxy action power spray, then sit out in the sun so a few birds can build a nest inside, then go and meet the queen and have my photo splashed on the front page of the Guardian.

Seriously why the HELL are these people famous??? A friend made me sit through about five minutes of TOWIE and I would rather pull my own fingernails out with a pair of pliers then do that again. It was the most boring, navel gazing, inept, incompetent, just plain dull piece of television I have seen in a very long time. These people are not entertaining, they are not funny, witty, charming, intelligent or even good looking. Can we please just stick them back under the rock they came under and pretend this whole thing never happened?? Pretty please????
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