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I don't really get scared by horror movies, but the first time I watched Poltergeist I was 11 and at a friends birthday, I remember being back at home, my mum had picked me and my best friend up and the best friend was staying at mine, we were terrified, my mum was fuming that we'd been allowed to see it. Me and my friend found some of my dads tools at the bottom of the stairs and we went up armed with hammers and screwdrivers, i'm not quite sure what we thought we'd achieve with those if a poltergeist was to attack us, but it seemed logical at the time!

My dad made me promise him I wouldn't watch The Exorcist until I was 18, as much as I loved a horror film growing up, he was adamant I wouldn't watch it until then so I agreed. Cut to me being 18, I've now spent years thinking this was going to be the most scary film ever in the history of the world, parents are away on holiday, so invite some friends over with the intention of watching it, cut to about midnight and everyone had smoked themselves silly and passed out in the front room, so I thought sod it i'm gunna do it anyway, went upstairs alone and watched it by myself, and nothing. Think i'd psyched myself up so much and prepared myself for sheer terror that it just did nothing to me.
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