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I wasn't too disappointed with the ending. Quite happy that all three survived, but felt that the epilogue was a bit of a let-down. I was rather hoping that Voldemort would lose, but survive, shorn of all his power now that his horcruxes are no more and banged up in a muggle prison for the murder of Frank Bryce.
Wow that was an excellent idea, damn that is a much better idea. Really impressive.

My favourite plot was the Triwizard Tournament, I liked the structure of that book and all the new characters. Unfortunately that's the point in the series where JK Rowling became too successful for editing and the books became too long, but apart from that I love it.

Professors Lockhart and Slughorn were two of my favourite fleeting characters. Hagrid, Dumbledore and McGonagall are my favourite major but not main characters, and Ron is my favourite main
Lockhart reminded me of Leslie Phillips from Carry On Teachers. A great comedic character. Ron's hate for him was amazing

The ending kind of annoyed me, so much so that when I re-read the last book I don't read the last chapter

I loved Dumbledore as a character, and he who shall not be named
Sometimes the endings are the best to block out aren't they

I agree. Snape's behaviour was absolutely terrible and it's one of the darker aspects of Dumbledore's personality that allowed him to treat Harry the way he did for all those years. Whilst it was understandable, it was not excusable, and I didn't like that Snape was supposedly all forgiven.
Why did Dumbledore allow it, good point? I know he stopped Harry from being expelled by Snape for various reasons plus the spell connections protecting him from Voldemort and the death eaters.

Agree though that apart from that Dumbledore's orientation is not even alluded to, unless you want to make a case for brightly coloured robes, general twinkliness and and a sweet tooth
Classically put, love it

They did an brilliant job of explaining the Snape character in his memories sequence:

And ultimately I think his character was JK Rowlings finest achievement over the entire series of books. Although perhaps he wasn't explained in that much detail in the books.. I can't recall. But the memory sequence was everything I hoped for.
Agreed, I felt he was never in the books enough when I suppose he actually was!

It was a shame that it was crammed into one book and not something that ran over a few, like Quidditch (I hate that thing) did.
It also IMO helped to develop Hermoine as a character rather than being just a very clever know it all who was good at everything in Hogwarts.
I always skipped the pages on that when it was just about the match rather then what happen during it. The world tournament was decent though.

I totally agree. Especially about the challenge of taking the book out of Hogwarts. Yet it still worked - and so well!
That shocked and unsettled me! But JK did it so well that is was actually a great adventure

Favourite plot - I guess the whole storyline of the third book with Sirius Black escaping from Azkaban was my favourite. Also liked Order of the Phoenix. God I wanted to slap Umbridge in the face! She is a right old toad.
Umbridge was vile and even worse then Voldemort in some ways as she has a regular appearance or reference to in the book. A fantastic creation and along with Snape are my best characters.
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