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Does anyone know where PA's other brothers and parents live or spend most of the year? Do they reside in the UK? Or in Europe?

If they do then you have the answer to WHY the brother came over to the UK.

Because when you are dying, you want to be with your family and living in Australia would have meant the brother, his wife and child would have been pretty isolated as, in an emergency, it would have taken the rest of the family a day or two to even to get to him (depending on where he lived).

And when you are dying, every day counts.

So It would have been easier and less stressful for him to come over to the UK so his family could be with him, and support his wife and son in his final days.

Why move in with PA? because he had the room and no matter what anyone says, dying in a hospice is no fun for the people left behind or the person dying.

Sorry to keep bursting bubbles but unless you have actually lost someone by a slow and painful death like cancer you would understand that having the people you love by you and in easy reach is so VERY important and so VERY vital.

So the brother could have had his treatment and stayed in Australia with his wife and child and been isolated and alone while he dealt with this disease.

Or they could have come to the UK where there would be family that could get to them within a few hours and be there every day to support and help them all.

Again, bash away at me but Peter having his brother and family move in with him is an incredibly hard thing to do, to watch someone you love fade away isn't a whole lot of fun. It's not like you just move them into a spare room.

But at least the family had support, company and family round them during that time and at the end.

but hey, let's pretend PA did it to get the ratings eh?

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