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No, I don't remember, because unlike people who loathe him, choose to rip him to bits regularly, and yet still watch his programmes, I choose not to watch them as I find him a boring moron.
I remember it simply because it was the last PA show I ever watched - and the reason it was the last was because I'd gone from being fairly neutral and thinking he was a bit of a buffoon to realising that he and Claire as a combo are a sinister pair who would sell Pete's grandmother for a story. The pair of them don't know dignity and the way they exploit situations to make Pete look like a saint are exceptionally crass. As is using children to demonise their mother. Whatever you might think of KP, she is the mother the children love and to meddle with their relationship to score brownie point is not something a good father would do. DOTY? What an insult to fathers everywhere who would not dream of using the kids to get back at the ex.

I think he has struggled with depression (or even a mild form of bi-polar) for quite an number of years myself.

And a combo of being in the "spotlight" (so to speak) and being married to a certain person hasn't helped him one little bit.

And before people start calling me a PE lovie and a KP hater I've got relatives and friends who are suffer from depression and bi-polar and started picking up on this when I watched the "katie and Peter show" when it first started.

So that is what I think is wrong with him.

Sorry that it's not that he is a ****/ tool/ git/ faking it.
Hmmm. I can,as a former sufferer, confirm that depression is horrible on many levels but it doesn't make you an exploitative, attention seeking, fame hungry twit with a saint complex. Having said that, I don't think he's the full picnic,I think he's a fame addict and it defines him so much to the point where he'll happily exploit his own family members to fill his needs. "Addiction is stronger than love or protection" He also needs to adress his caffiene issue.
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