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Does anyone know where PA's other brothers and parents live or spend most of the year? Do they reside in the UK? Or in Europe?

If they do then you have the answer to WHY the brother came over to the UK.

< - snip - >

but hey, let's pretend PA did it to get the ratings eh?
Andrew's parent live in Aus. He wasn't alone.

But, without going over old ground, whatever reasons he came to the UK, they would have been ones that were discussed with all the family, parents included, and really is their business. His parents are elderly, it was probably a relief for them to know he was being looked after over here with the rest of the family around him. And Andrew would not have done anything he didn't want to do so this suggestion that he was manipulated into coming here is really silly. Also, re where he's buried, again, this would have been a family decision, so the suggestion that it's just for DOTY's convenience so he can be filmed grieving is really pushing credibility.

Did he exploit Andrew ill-health? Oh yes. With bells on. And unforgivably so. And continues to do so. But was it all a nefarious plot to provide a storyline for DOTY's show, absolutely no, at least not in my opinion. He IS awful but not as awful as that.
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