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I like Peter Andre, I really do. Only last week I was teaching the kids the words to Mysterious Girl in the car.

Iíd also love it if he could somehow be reunited with Bubbler Ranx on the next series of The Big Reunion.

And it goes without saying that his introduction film and the subsequent ribbing it took from Ant and Dec will always be in the top 10 Iím A Celebrity moments of all time.

Yeah, heís all right is Peter Andre. Heís a needy buffoon at times, for sure, but you can tell his heart is in the right place.

ITV2 and Peter Andreís management team, though? The closest thing the television industry has to an axis of evil.

If you thought The Voice had gone a bit overboard with the dead relatives last Saturday you should see what theyíre cooking up over at the latest run of Peter Andre: My Life.

Because despite their bold claims about ďprivate time being more *important than everĒ they still thought nothing about shoving the TV cameras back in his face FOUR WEEKS after his brother Andrew died of cancer. They may have exploited many aspects of Peteís life in the past, including his ex-wife, his kids, his fans and his, ahem, viral *meningitis, but this crossed the line.

Whatever happened to a private grief?

I mean, would it have hurt to keep the cameras packed away for a few more weeks?

Would the National TV Awards red carpet really have suffered if Pete hadnít walked down it?

Would his meeting with a terminally ill fan have meant any less to her if she hadnít had a camera crew and assorted hangers-on thrust in her face as well?

And more importantly, would his team have even run the risk of the beef drying out waiting for Pete to arrive if there hadnít been the chance of a few minutes of weepy footage at that impromptu Sunday lunch party for him and his other brothers?

The sensible answer to any of these questions would be no. Sadly, the cynical answer would be yes. And cynicism seems to win every time for his team, who clearly believe that if they want his fans to carry on buying into Ė and from Ė Brand Andre, nothing can ever be *considered off limits.

Itís a bizarre way to treat a grieving man and his family, of course.

Iím surprised they havenít lasered ďnothing is real unless it has been caught on cameraĒ on to the insides of his eyelids.

And the saddest thing is that a small part of Pete must see itís a bit off.

Thatís perhaps why he felt the need to justify it all with this laughable *explanation: ďYou canít just have six months off. Youíll lose your job.Ē

Pete, mate. You took six years off in the late 90s. And you survived just fine.

PS. In the interests of balance Iím happy to report Pete still loves his kids.

I could sense you were worrying about that.
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