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The Menu system is based on thumbnails which involves scanning through them to find out what they refer to - switching to list view involves scrolling down through many lines of info (with no page down).

Just about everything stops if you lose the internet even for a second or two - the box often fails to re-train and requires a re-boot.
The Sony BD player has no trouble (eg running iPlayer in HD at 6.5Mbps even after the BT Vbox has failed to re-train) The old software (on the same box) managed to download 8 HD films in series in one queue - with the new software it has failed to download any after about 50 attempts.

"Random" re-boots seem to occur at just after 3pm, 6pm 9pm etc. - or soon after an HD download is attempted.

"Try again" has never ever re-started a download.

PS when I tried MultiRoom (Companion mode) the second box became a slave and you effectively only had one recorder.
I don't have any of those problems, sorry. But I haven't tried companion mode. And it does now independently work from an internet connection. Including the EPG too.
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