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From CDAN:

You Don't See Him For A Reason

This couple has been together forever. When they got married everyone thought it was the perfect match. It kind of is. He enjoys being out of the spotlight now, despite his sometimes forays into acting which got him to the B+ list mostly movie range. She supports him now. She, being a B+ actress who divides her time between movies and television. In return for supporting him, he lets her do what she pleases and what she pleases is lots of women. That is her thing and always has been. You send her a script with a love scene with another woman and she will be on board as quick as she can make a phone call. Does she bring home some of the women? Absolutely. Not often, but enough to keep him from straying too much. Every once in a while she will throw him a bone and there is no doubt he is the father of their children.
edited as I now think they were in scooby do.
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