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I watched ‘This Morning’ – good to see Pete trying to respond positively to Andrew’s death by working with Cancer Research to set up a couple of special buses which tour the country where people can be checked to help early detection of cancer. He’s got to raise half a million pounds a year to keep them running so not a trivial undertaking.

As for the alleged ‘hate campaign’, I’ll be very surprised if the case isn’t settled out of court because they both have too much to lose by it all becoming public. Going by the Tugendhat judgement the basis of the case is a 12 page sworn affidavit which Jamelah made to Pete’s solicitor concerning Kate’s relationship with ‘a number of other individuals’ including ‘Mr A’. She provided it to support defamation proceedings he was taking against ‘Now’ over statements attributed to Kate. She later met a ‘News of the World’ journalist to discuss selling a story based on the information but they didn’t publish and other media chose not to publish ‘save to the extent that it had already been made public’ by Kate.

Interestingly her counsel made the point that if Kate’s complaint concerns the accuracy of the information in the affidavit then the appropriate remedy would be to sue for defamation. However that would have the consequence that the law allows a defence of truth which is not available in defence of a privacy claim.

If Pete did instigate or collude with trying to sell stories on Kate – shame on him. But as it was in response to a wide ranging media attack on him by Kate – shame on her too. “A plague on both your houses!” I think the sooner they both recognise that they are linked for life through their shared children, draw a line and put aside the point scoring the better. They’re both in new relationships that they profess to be happy with so why not finally call a truce and attempt to get along for the sake of the children? I agree with Betty that it would be much easier to achieve that if Pete left CAN as I doubt Kate will ever be able to forgive Claire Powell’s role in the whole murky business.
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