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If Pete did instigate or collude with trying to sell stories on Kate – shame on him. But as it was in response to a wide ranging media attack on him by Kate – shame on her too. “A plague on both their houses!” I think the sooner they both recognise that they are linked for life through their shared children, draw a line and put aside the point scoring the better. They’re both in new relationships that they profess to be happy with so why not finally call a truce and attempt to get along for the sake of the children? I agree with Betty that it would be much easier to achieve that if Pete left CAN as I doubt Kate will ever be able to forgive Claire Powell’s role in the whole murky business.
Well yes, BIB - but when did they ever do anything that would put the kids first? Never. They're both so infantile and needy, it's not true.

Can't see PA ever leaving CAN. Where would he go? What would he do? But yeah, you're right, as long as CP is in the picture, the antagonism will continue imo. And CP seems to thrive on it if the 1st ep of his show is anything to go by.
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