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OK, so what about animal porn then?
What about animal porn? Are you now just struggling to think of something more disgusting and shocking than the tame seventies sex comedy Deep Throat, and the good, funny but not really in any way scary Nightmare On Elm Street?

Animal porn is legal in Denmark and some of these videos have found their way into the UK, I should know, I've known people who've seen them.
I think knowing somebody who has seen videos of animal porn doesn't really entitle you to say that this is the most shocking/disgusting film that you have seen. For two reasons - one, you don't give the title of this film/these films, so nobody really knows what they should be avoiding or looking out for, depending upon what floats their boat, and two, you haven't seen them anyway.

That would be like me saying "My mate watched Human Centipede 2 last week, that's definitely the most shocking and disgusting film ever." How would I know? I've not seen it.
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