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For what it's worth, I think there are times when comments about both of them have crossed the line but lately some of the language used against her has been disgusting, sexist. misogynistic and vile. I am actually embarrassed that any woman would use such ways of speaking about another woman.

Yes, she is vile but dragging yourself down to the gutter in apparent glee to see who can use the worst terms to describe her is sickening to see imo.

IMO, MOST of the posts about him are far more lighthearted and p*sstaking than many of the stuff about her which has become abusive and plain nasty. It's probably the worst I've seen in my 10 years on DS.

Although, after 10 years I shouldn't have to state for the millionth time that I can not stand either of them and, actually, if a gun was put to my head and I was forced to choose, I would say he is marginally preferable. So the inevitable comments about being a closet fan or baiting are not warranted and the last line of a weak defense.

I don't expect everyone to agree but just calling it how I see it.

Anyway, I'm off to the South Coast for a few days so won't be here to respond
I would agree with everything you said apart from finding him marginally preferable, I dislike the pair of eejits immensely but there is just something more honest (and I use the word "honest" loosely) about her desperation to remain in the public eye so if I had to chuck a prefer vote to either of them, it'd have to be KP.
As for the abuse they get, I hold my hands up & admit to following the pair on Twitter & from what I have read, in my opinion she definitely gets far more abuse thrown at her than PA, some of it is in fact a lot of it is absolutely foul & regardless of what I think of her, I don't think she or anyone deserves that kind of trash to be written about them, she's obviously VERY thick skinned as not sure I could read that kind of c**p about me.
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