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Betty Britain
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I wonder what that actually is?
A credible musician? I think that particular ship sailed a long time ago (Exhibit A-Insania).Whilst there is a huge difference between being credible(gaining the respect/admiration of your peers) and being successful (ie.selling tons of records) PA has managed to do neither.
A brilliant father? I am not doubting for a second that PA loves his children.He does.
But it's much more about BEING a good parent than looking like one,or God forbid accepting awards and TELLING us that you're a good parent.
As long as the children continue to feature so heavily in PA's tv series he lays himself open to the accusation that although he is undoubtedly a loving parent,he isn't a particularly good one.

I think that for whatever reason,PA chose to throw his lot in with CP and CAN and now,due to the way they have sold him,they are his last and only option.
He HAS to stick with them and they are stuck with him.
I agree with your post
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