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Perhaps doing a few concerts and donating the proceeds to Cancer Research would be better. Putting his own hand in his own pocket.

They made sure we new about him selling the Fezza to give "some" money to HIPZ charity and to pay for Andrew's treatment. Its clear he didnt need to sell the car to make a donation to either, but its all about his image.

The Fezza has been sold and he replaced it with a Lamborghin.
Cancer Research have launched a Spot Cancer Early Campaign and Pete's foundation appears to have been set up to raise money to support it The mobile units will be staffed by Cancer Research nurses. I don't see any problem with him using his fan base and media contacts to raise money. If more people will attend a charity ball because his name is attached then it's good for their fundraising. Personally I have no interest in what car he drives, I'll leave that obsession to you ....
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