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If Pete did instigate or collude with trying to sell stories on Kate – shame on him. But as it was in response to a wide ranging media attack on him by Kate – shame on her too. “A plague on both your houses!” I think the sooner they both recognise that they are linked for life through their shared children, draw a line and put aside the point scoring the better. They’re both in new relationships that they profess to be happy with so why not finally call a truce and attempt to get along for the sake of the children? I agree with Betty that it would be much easier to achieve that if Pete left CAN as I doubt Kate will ever be able to forgive Claire Powell’s role in the whole murky business.
Andres stories about KP were nothing to do with him responding to her attacks, at the time no one could shut him up infact a large number of the stories/remarks on him by KP were either instigated or made up by him.
Easy to wheel out the kids as a reason to stop this feud now that CP/PA are finally being exposed for using them and others in this battle, but never has it been more important to secure for them, in a court of law, the truth about just what really happened during their childhood.
Only one way PA will leave CP and thats if this cc goes against him and he claims to be CP victim, just like he did with KP
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