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That is the catch 22 of it, isn't it? He needs CP to keep him in the public eye (or at least, he believes he does), Kp needs them to comment on her to keep her profile up, they comment on Kp to keep their profile up...

and we start threads about it all!

Still, at least they are both as bad as each other.
Pretty much so! I'm still hoping that his relationship with Emily is genuine and prompts him to make some changes. I hope Kate's and Kieran's is too for that matter.

On the entertainment front (the only one that really matters imo ), me too, but to see how both camps spin it, because let's face it, they're both as bad (or as good!) as each other on the spinning front.
Definitely! Wasn't meaning to exclude CAN from the spinning front, they'll both have plenty of explaining to do but the affidavit will give BS some real creative work to do instead of killing time picking fights on Twitter.
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