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To Chasing Shadows: Here's a link to an article on the animal porn film (I must warn you though, you may be offended by it)
Regarding 'Deep Throat' the film was banned for general release in Britain during the 70's but in some cases town councils allowed cinemas in their area to show a censored version of it. My friend saw the edited version of it in his local cinema. Later on, the BBFC passed the film uncut with an 'R18' rating, meaning it could only be shown or sold in specially licensed premises, and the edited version was released on video with an '18' rating. As I don't know which version of the film you've seen I don't really know what you consider tame. Also, bear in mind that Linda Lovelace claimed that she was forced to make the film against her wishes at gunpoint, and if this is so the film contains actual rape scenes.
Okay, so we're getting somewhere. You are talking about Animal Farm. Thanks for that.

Now then, you still only claimed that you knew some people who had seen it. So, how can you consider it the most shocking and disgusting movie ever made? You haven't seen it. All you've done is read about it. In fact, judging by your comment in bold above, you haven't even seen Deep Throat. Only a friend of yours who saw the cut version of it in a cinema in the seventies.

Regarding Linda Lovelace and Deep Throat - she claimed a lot of things in court and in her autobiographies, many of which have been proved to have been untrue. The porn industry isn't known for being full of friendly/cuddly directors who look after their stars - the reason a lot of porn stars die young is (1) because tthey get into the drugs scene at the same time as making sex films and (2) a lot have died of AIDS and other sexually transmittted diseases caught because they were not allowed to use contraception when making these films. So, Linda Lovelace is far from being the only female porn star forced to have sex against her will whilst being filmed.

And if she felt so strongly against being exploited in sex movies, why did she continue to make porn films long after she had left her then husband/manager Chuck Traynor. Also, her claims about Traynor holding a gun to her head during every sex scene in the movie have been refuted by all the other actors and actresses in that movie - including Harry Reems, her major male co-star, who prior to his death last year became a born-again Christian. If he didn't see any guns pointing at Linda whilst the film was being made, and he was the one being fellated by her, why should anybody else believe her stories?

Even so, both the cut and the uncut version are very, very tame compared to the majority of hardcore movies released over the last forty years or so. You have led a very sheltered life if you really believe it to be one of the most shocking and disgusting movies ever made. Even though by your own admission, you haven't seen it anyway.
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