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As regards one of the films I mentioned; "Snuff", I would confess to having seen that, as it can be seen in full on the Internet (if you google Snuff full film or Snuff full movie you will find it). It is supposed to have been inspired by the Charles Manson killings & contains a scene added onto it at the end where the film crew is shown. One of them talks a young woman into getting onto the bed with him, fully clothed, for a bit of lovemaking, having convinced her it isn't being filmed. She succumbs to his advances and when she does notice it is being filmed and tries to resist he gets the other film crew members to hold her down while he cuts her shoulder open with a knife as she screams hysterically. He then proceeds to cut one of her hands off and the fingers off her other hand and then disembowels her. Although admittedly the rest of the film isn't that strong, this is certainly the most horrible scene I've ever come across and, yes, I did know somebody else who'd seen it, and was disturbed by as he thought it might be actually real. I must stress though, that it's been proven not to be.
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