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I genuinely do not know what difference it makes either, but for whatever reason... it appears that it does... to me it is obvious that they are not together as a couple.. why not just come out and announce it? IF it is a case that she wants to keep her private life private... just say so, and dont lie about it

Perhaps I gave the impression that I understand how the world of PR works.... I dont, and quite frankly dont really want to... I did ask a few days back "why do they keep up the charade"
I don't know and I don't care if they are or aren't together, but they are the only ones who would know. Also, they really didn't need to tell anyone if they are or aren't together, if there is trouble, maybe they want to figure it out before announcing it. Or maybe they actually are fine.

I just can't understand why people actually go trough dates, times and places to see when they have or haven't been together. Why just not take their word for it, as they say that everything is fine, why not let it go then?
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