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[quote=di60;65318673]Not condoning it in anyway, because I haven't done it myself, just taken the word (and links) of fellow posters, but maybe some people take exception to being lied to... tbh I dont really know....

I think I'll "let it go" now........ until the official announcement which will probably include insincerities such as ... 'have grown apart.... work schedules kept them apart... amicable break up... ask for privacy at this difficult time....' etc etc[/QUOTE

BIB, What do people think they deserve to get honesty about? The status of DVO and her husbands marriage? They both have given that, but people go digging for dates and times? And they want to prove that DVO and her husband are lying? Why?

I'm really baffled at this entitled attitude. Even if celebs sell their wedding pictures to papers, that is what the person buying the paper is entitled to. It doesn't give the right to an access to anything else. Even these celebs are allowed to sort out their private lives without having nosey people demanding to know exactly what is going on.
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