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Michael Jackson was an extremely deceiteful person who was proven to be so in various courts.

The evidence by Wade Robson's mother in 2005 demonstrated until that trial she was unaware her 7 year old son had spent the night alone in bed with Michael Jackson.

The cases involving a promoter and the later one involing Marc Schaffel proved Michael was a liar.

Michael had a multi-million dollar PR machine to protect him and present him as the victim, it continued to operate after he died.

We know Randy Phillips & Kenny Ortega had deep concerns about Michael Jackson. Only days before Michael died Kenny Ortega detailed physical & mental issues that prevented Michael rehearsing.

In the the ironically titled "This Is It" documentary is there any evidence provided of Michael at the launch having locked himself away and being drunk or footage of Michael being unable to rehearse? See how the PR machine smooths over the cracks.
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