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My Life – Ep.2 Reviewage

The first 30mins was filled with Pete telling us how he’s struggling and suffering interspersed with other people telling us how Pete is struggling and suffering. So I’ve nothing whatsoever to say about any of that other than it was a struggle and I suffered. On to Malta.

The Malta Connection:
Pete takes his suffering and his entourage to Malta where he is to be honoured. Twice! After greeting and posing with his 'adoring fans', they make their way to the hotel. In the car, Pete tells us he’s there to accept two awards, one for his music and the other ‘for all his charity work in the UK’. Que?? He also says he thinks the Maltese have mistaken him for someone else. It’s an understandable conclusion. After checking out the hotel, he makes his way to the Presidential Palace where a beaming Mayor Dingli tells him he’s a cultural icon and presents him with his certificate of culture and something in a box. Pete shook Mayor Dingli’s hand for the photographs while – we now know - the good citizens of Valletta shook their fists in outrage and stomped off in a fury to take their displeasure out on their keyboards.

Here’s my theory on the Mayor Dingli-Pezza connection:
A couple of months back, Mayor Dingli, sitting in his office musing on ways to boost Summer tourism in Valletta while idly googling the internets, was suddenly blinded by an orange man introducing his tv show. Donning shades, Mayor Dingli watched in fascination. And concluded “Here is a man with nothing to fill his show and here am I, a mayor with my beautiful Valletta, and nowhere to promote it.” “Fate,” he thought, hatching a plan that included a made-up award and an ambassadorship, while reaching for the phone.

On to the music awards where the Prince of Daftness picks up Best International Artist 2013, his first music award in 15 years. “It amazing!” he says. Amazing is exactly what it is. But just to be kind, he does seem to be popular there and he stopped struggling and suffering long enough to tell us that he was feeling the love.

Back in the UK, Pete returns to his suffering theme. It involved painting a room in possibly the most inept manner I have ever seen and ended with, you’ve guessed it, more struggling and suffering. Enough.


The only tiny bright spot came at the end when they trailed Ep.3 and CP, with an expression like a waspbite, reported indignantly to Pete that the good citizens of Valletta were revolting against his ambassadorship. It might be funny to watch. On the other hand, judging by tonight’s episode, the struggling and suffering, if it continues, may actually kill you.
"And the winner of the Golden Ferrero Rocher Ambassador's trophy for reviewerage of the twonkerage sponsored by Alka Seltzer and the Malta Tourist Board goes to....Lexiiiiiii!

He barely even looks at her, I'm not comparing his behaviour with Emily compared to that with KP, but he is clearly hedging with this girl - 'I like her, I really like her' said the same way you'd say you like a mars bar........he's a 40 year old man stringing an obviously star struck young girl along.
As for wanting to keep this relationship private being an explanation....this man keeps nothing private. Cannot even call it puppy love!
I am wondering too for how long would 'Embles' enjoy being surrounded by 'bro's' and hangers on all the time she's with him.
Even when he talks about her, it's like he's talking about a film or a cake...amazing, wonderful...he turns into an android, it's weird. If it is a sham...then why oh why oh why are they doing this??? I can understand him not dry humping her a la KP out of respect for..whoever, but there just seems to be no chemistry at all from what I can decipher?! It doesn't help his case that he's put gagging orders on his Page 3 types, it arouses suspicion. It's just...odd. Would they really fake it??

PA:My Life dipped below the million mark to 944k last night(from 1.2m last week) , although I don't think that includes +1 yet.

p.s Smithy...a hug for you my friend. Been there too - four years ago. Soon there will be more 'remembering smiles' than tears. Take care x
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