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"And the winner of the Golden Ferrero Rocher Ambassador's trophy for reviewerage of the twonkerage sponsored by Alka Seltzer and the Malta Tourist Board goes to....Lexiiiiiii!

Even when he talks about her, it's like he's talking about a film or a cake...amazing, wonderful...he turns into an android, it's weird. If it is a sham...then why oh why oh why are they doing this??? I can understand him not dry humping her a la KP out of respect for..whoever, but there just seems to be no chemistry at all from what I can decipher?! It doesn't help his case that he's put gagging orders on his Page 3 types. It's just...odd.

PA:My Life dipped below the million mark to 944k from 1.2m last night, although I don't think that includes +1 yet.

p.s Smithy...a hug for you my friend. Been there too - four years ago. Soon there will be more 'remembering smiles' than tears. Take care x
The figures are the same as last week though for the 9 pm slot and according to Pete it was 1.2 million again, presumably after adding on +1:

Last week's figures:
The latest chapter of Andre's ITV2 canon attracted 949,000 (4.1%) viewers at 9pm, while a further 266k (1.5%) tuned in on ITV2+1, overnight data reveals.

Read more:

I am surprised as I thought it might lose viewers - I did watch it last night for the first time in a couple of years and found it quite depressing. I will probably watch next week as they are visiting Emily's family - I am interested to get an idea what the family think about it. I am not sure what to make of them, Emily does seem very supportive and apparently isn't after a career in reality TV - maybe they do genuinely like each other.
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