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"And the winner of the Golden Ferrero Rocher Ambassador's trophy for reviewerage of the twonkerage sponsored by Alka Seltzer and the Malta Tourist Board goes to....Lexiiiiiii!

Even when he talks about her, it's like he's talking about a film or a cake...amazing, wonderful...he turns into an android, it's weird. If it is a sham...then why oh why oh why are they doing this??? I can understand him not dry humping her a la KP out of respect for..whoever, but there just seems to be no chemistry at all from what I can decipher?! It doesn't help his case that he's put gagging orders on his Page 3 types, it arouses suspicion. It's just...odd. Would they really fake it??

PA:My Life dipped below the million mark to 944k last night(from 1.2m last week) , although I don't think that includes +1 yet.

p.s Smithy...a hug for you my friend. Been there too - four years ago. Soon there will be more 'remembering smiles' than tears. Take care x
I just don't get it.
I was wondering if they both THINK it's real - he's obviously been looking for the antithesis of KP and Emily fits the bill, and she's been swept along with the idea of having a famous boyfriend.
I don't necessarily believe that the relationship is a CAN set-up, but I'm yet to be convinced it's the real thing.

@artless - any chance of an international away match vs Malta?
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