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The figures are the same as last week though for the 9 pm slot and according to Pete it was 1.2 million again, presumably after adding on +1:

Last week's figures:
The latest chapter of Andre's ITV2 canon attracted 949,000 (4.1%) viewers at 9pm, while a further 266k (1.5%) tuned in on ITV2+1, overnight data reveals.

Read more:

I am surprised as I thought it might lose viewers - I did watch it last night for the first time in a couple of years and found it quite depressing. I will probably watch next week as they are visiting Emily's family - I am interested to get an idea what the family think about it. I am not sure what to make of them, Emily does seem very supportive and apparently isn't after a career in reality TV - maybe they do genuinely like each other.
Ah right,thanks Liz - it's annoying when they don't label whether it includes +1 or not..and it seems this figure is "not"!

I'm not really surprised, I think his shows get roughly the same viewing figures year in, years out bar the odd dip. Although the series opened about 6% down compared to last series, the show seems to have a pretty stable fanbase.

Re: Depressing, well I rely on Lexi's reviews which are better than the show could ever be...but if there is something I have noticed about Tv recently it's the everyone likes a bit of depressing. I saw Jeremy Kyle the other day and after two hours I had to go out because I was miserable. Emmerdale - blimey, in the 13 years since I last watched it's become a ranging glumfest. Talent shows on Saturday night are full of people crying over dead people - it's a popular theme, culturally in the modern age, seemingly.
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