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I will probably watch next week as they are visiting Emily's family - I am interested to get an idea what the family think about it. I am not sure what to make of them, Emily does seem very supportive and apparently isn't after a career in reality TV - maybe they do genuinely like each other.
Yes it will be interesting to observe the family dynamic. I think I spotted her Dad with her at the concert in last night's episode and her mother and brother featured in the last series so I assume they're happy. I think people miss the drama and arguments from the Katie/Peter days but as I think Cyril's pointed out Pete's shows are less fly-on-the-wall and more crafted so I don't think we'll be seeing Pete and Emily ripping pieces out of each other. It's a different relationship.

I think he was far more tactile with her before they became an item. I remember him grabbing her after their 'wedding ceremony' in the Zanzibar episode and saying something like 'come on then love shall we go and consumate the marriage' which she seemed quite happy to go along with. Clearly a joke as her parents were present but he made it very clear he thought she was a 'hottie'.

It will be interesting to see what happens long term but I think the fact she's being included within the 'storyline' suggests they're serious about each other. Didn't the episode summaries say something about Pete and Emily taking their relationship to the next level - so watch this space! (or I should add perhaps not in the case of most posters on the thread)
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