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I don't believe a couple have to be all over each other but I do think a couple who have deep feelings give little signals .. From what I've seen ( pics) and heard these two just don't appear to have that "spark"

On a private note and off topic .. I have been informed a couple of posters have been reading my twitter account and are starting to make personal comments about me on there and here.. I won't be bullied into stopping posting on here and I won't be bullied FULL STOP... by the way ..I know who you are and you are a spineless coward
Did you watch the last episode Betty? there's a bit in the car when they are in Malta where I thought "ahhh... yup... there it is".

Sorry you are being bullied Betty, but is this the thread to post this on? (not being a meany but I don't want peeps posts to get deleted as I know they do when they stray off course)

p.s.. how the ruddy hell do people find out other users twitter thingies?? people are weird...This is why I don't even use fartbook anymore!
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