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There are pictures of him having dinner with Lance Bass from NSync in a gay district of New York

People will say "that proves nothing" but it seems an unlikely pairing surely? Maybe Ronnie was just a big NSync fan as a kid?
It could be either. They could move in the same celeb circles. Or, there may be more to it. Whatever way, if Ronnie is closeted he's closeted up to his eyeballs and won't be coming out anytime soon imo.

There was (unverified, as usual) talk he had a chap whilst at Man U. He is also said to be (or was) among Max Clifford's celebrity clients and like many a star, when he lived in the UK he was beset by constant tabloid womanising stories with competing call girls and glamour pusses (basically all people who it can be argued, can be paid to waffle). That all fizzled out (what a surprise) when he moved to Europe and in the UK we no longer hear a whisper about his 'flings' in detail. Funny that isn't it?
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