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First off people have different likes/dislikes with regards to music/presenters - I think each person should be allowed an opinion. I do therefore understand the last poster - you can dislike or like someone's presentation/show.
Hate is a bit strong!
I think in the case of Bob, and I feel this is true of alot of established R2 presenters, is perhaps they start to believe their own publicity.
I recall reading a piece from Bob in a 210 5th anniversary magazine (1981) where he decried DJs with egos whos links were full of "I" and "my" , nothing worse (to hear) I think he wrote!
For many years I was a big fan, from 210 (where he was excellent) through to R1 overnights & GLR (even better than excellent! ) but then the Radio 2 gig came along, perhaps he felt overly-grateful that his career was rescued after a break, then came flattering award ceremonies and being over-revered by some taste-makers following the death of Peel as the last protector of new music.
I say listen to his shows & check out his playlists. How much new music is really getting played these days? You be the judge. The writing is on the wall when you start playing Cilla Black and Jake Bugg.
Yes, Bob was brilliant on Drive doing cover (as was Noel Edmonds).
I agree, Andy Kershaw def. should be back on the radio, he was the one Peel intended the new music baton to handed onto (in my view).
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