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I wonder if he bonked Jordan....
He can't have or he'd imagine it was something to boast of.But then again you just never know,after all, her new hubby is a Jodie Marsh reject & Kirkie baby WAS with Jodie for 5 mins.Kev just wishes he was.

Yes indeed,I fully believe he has played hide the salami with 1000 saddos. He is pig ugly,but his daddy is a millionaire & they are TV 'stars' in Essex,so that qualifies him as a sex god & makes him desirable to a certain type.
A friend on another forum is a black cab driver & he makes a fortune driving sad little wannabes to Sugar Hut etc & he says all they witter on about is pulling one of those blokes from TOWIE......even that spotty chubby one (no clue what his name is).
And of course Kirkie was on CBB (a total contradiction in terms there,but hey-ho ). So yes,I'd say it is feasible that he has $hagged 1,000.
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