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Im going with this so the PC should blend in quite nicely near the TV.
That's a fantastic looking living room! I want!

Some nice looking ATX cases around now, that don't look out of place near the tv.
and the like
I've got the previous-gen of that case (ie. no USB3 ports). It is a really good case - lot's of internal room, well designed for providing good airflow, very tidy interior, VERY quiet. The power light is a bit too bright, though. Keep it covered or disconnected if you intend to have it in view (mine is only in my peripheral vision, but is too bright), particularly if you like to game with the lights off.

I'm considering using one of these for a dedicated games PC build that can actually sit in the rack under the TV. It's the right size and shape, looks like it would not be out-of-place next to my amp and has enough room to accommodate up to six hard drives, at least one full-length graphics card and (possibly) a large CPU cooler.

Only thing holding me off is that it would cost a lot to build a new rig and it would partly be an "ego"-build. My current PC is strong enough for now and I can make do with simply running a long HDMI cable to the TV. The smart move is to not build a new PC. But then there's that upgrade itch...
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