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I did notice a new graphic, not sure if anyone else spotted it...

[Driver]............ [Current position].....[Best lap]
[Tyre Choice]....[Positions gained]....[Last lap]
Saw it, looked a bit too busy, information overload in my view.

Only managed to see the race, but the BBC coverage was at the standard it was last year. Ben/DC remain extremely rapid at picking up things going on. Gary seemed a bit overwhelmed when they spoke to him, presumably because he was balancing commentary duties for 5 Live and BBC.

FOM now do need to change when they feed in replays for the start, because it was painful switching to replays knowing that a challenge for the lead was likely in the second DRS zone. They ultimately had to abort the start replay to cut back to live.

Start replays are vital, and they shouldn't make the mistake of MotoGP and wait until half the race has passed. The sensible time to throw them is towards the end of lap 2, if the race is sufficiently settled, before the DRS zones activate.

This may lead to a 'time crunch' to get the producer(s) to deliver all of the replays in time, but I think it would be acceptable to lose one or 2 of the onboard angles going with this approach, particularly as the big broadcasters will show them after the race anyway if they find anything significant.
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