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Oh she cares.
Leandro spoke of how she was constantly googling for info on herself. You remember Leandro ? He was the foreign chap she picked up with the classy line " 'ow big is yer c**k then ?".
He also said she is wired wrong. The guy's English might be carp but he hit the nail on the head there.
Nobody with fully functional mental facilities looking like her would look in the mirror without recoiling in horror. She is a mess from surgeries & treatments she has imagined improved her looks. They haven't . She looks ridiculous, yet thinks tombstone teeth & inflated fun-bags would help her crack the USA.. She is a Psychologists dream challenge. Enough work there to keep one occupied for years on end. Nutty as a fruit cake. In my opinion.

I really am not into such venom but each to their own.
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