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My uncle met Richard Todd while he was filming The Dambusters a very very long time ago. He waved him away with a cry of 'I cant work with these distractions' - every time that film comes on now its met with a chorus of that phrase!

Just had to add this after reading your post, a not very famous couple John Duttine and Mel Martin, over the Christmas period came into the Supermarket where I worked, He asked me politely where the Goose Grease was I replied "Goose Grease" He nodded
I was just about to tell him that he was in the wrong place and was going to direct him when Mel Martin his actress wife said sniggering " Darling SHE doesn't know what Goose Grease is!"
I replied with a and said I did and would they both like to be taken to it? To be totally fair he looked a bit
I found her attitude very snotty, rude and up herself.

But when Heartbeat was on (He played the Sergeant) The cries of "Goose Grease!!!" Actually anything he appears in he is known as Goose Grease now! And any family member viewing with me will ask "Do you know what Goose Grease is!!"
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